"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." Virginia Woolf

Monday, June 20, 2005

Can't say much

I've got class in a few so I can't say much.

But this weekend was so amazing. I was definitely taken by surprise, not because of what happened, but by the extreme rightness and smoothness of it. I'm really excited about what happens next with my kindred-- I want to see us meet the next challenge. We're going to do it even better this time.

Ok, class now, more later.

Edit: 11:21am: Almost have class again. Been thinking. I wonder about checking into some of Bush's faith-based initiative policies. See what kind of grant money is available for religious groups/charities. Can't discriminate, right? Well, in theory at least. Next on list: Incorporate. For profit or non-profit? Maybe both under parent company. Diversify interests--> not just agriculture, maybe a franchise. Printing or a gym perhaps. Daycare might be too much liability-->kids, risky. Would eventually like to see a summer camp, perhaps a school. We'll have lots of kids soon. Need to get with Bev to plan next get together. Can't wait until I get down to Mobile and hang out with mah girls. *motivated sigh* I just wish I didn't have goddamned American History II, when I could be doing more productive things--> like packing! planning, or cleaning. *grr* Back later.