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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is it sick or strangely wonderful?


I like it! Pinky & Blob are my favorite, I do believe. I wish they made a shark fetus. Or a viking fetus. Maybe I should email her. Anyways, you should definitely check it out. They're quite affordable & come in magnet form. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Angry & Bitter

Disclaimer: I have no problem with most Christians. I have no problems with people of other religions. I just don't appreciate when ill-informed attention-seeking people give a perfectly nice & respectable group of people a bad name. If it is so important that Jesus is respected & revered in their lives, then why not behave with some Christian charity, humility, and patience. If you are so strong in your faith, then why do you have to shoot everyone elses's down? And if you are going to do so, you had better be informed about the history of your religion, what your spiritual texts actually say, and get it right.

The Christ/Holiday/Christmas thing pisses me off. It's not just about a name. It's about those people using the wave of "anti-political correctness" going around to turn everything into Jesus this/Christ that. Next year, let'em decorate a palm tree with lights. Poor 16th century Germans & their cultural traditions. Leave them be, people!

And the argument that "it's always been that way" doesn't cut it. 'Cause it hasn't always been that way. Not everything in this country was all about Jesus before the "evil liberals" came & let black people vote & women control their own bodies. You'd think it was, though, from everything you hear these days. You'd think that the 1950's was really composed of a lot of happy Christian nuclear families where the dad had a good job & the mom took care of the kids and kept the clothes clean. It's a myth, people! A myth created as a reaction to the Cold War/Soviet ideology. Go find me the evidence that America was really like that & I'll buy you a candy bar.

Also see: http://www.cmdbuddy.com/tree.html

Some SGA'er/College Republican wanted some attention & got it. But the Holiday Tree Lighting has *never-Never-never* been called the "Christmas Tree Lighting." Some people don't do their research before trying to cause controversy. It works better for them that way.

Former "holiday tree lightings": & why the hell was there no controvery then? Were there no good Christians looking out for Jesus prior to 2005? Ain't nobody got his back?

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