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Monday, November 13, 2006

Disclaimer: I'm about to nerd out a lot

Ok, so there's this thing called Worldcat (worldcat.org) that is a great search for anything and everything housed by academic libraries/archives all over the nation. Archival material, books, articles, thesis/dissertations, etc.

Well I did a quick search for "Alabama women suffrage" just to see if there was anything new or something I had missed...

Well guess what was the 2nd hit on the first page (out of 6 pages)!!!!

My thesis!!! I've been indexed! I have an OCLC #!!! They've sorted my material into Library of Congress subject listings! Yea!!!!!!

Woman suffrage and the 1901 Alabama constitutional convention
Jamie Elizabeth Smith
Type: English : Book : Thesis/dissertation/manuscript Archival Material
Publisher: 2005.
OCLC: 74269257
Alabama. -- Constitutional Convention Women -- Suffrage -- Alabama.

Ok, I'm done. But I rock. *glowing happiness* I'm going to go glow on my coworkers now.