"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." Virginia Woolf

Monday, July 4, 2005

Yea Independence Day: Happy 229 years and counting

So I'm in Mobile. Things are radically different than I thought they'd be on Thursday. But if we're being really honest, let's look at the number of coincidences that should have alerted me that maybe this wasn't the greatest idea: My roommates break up and are unable to reconcile living together, the great job that seemed like it was a sure thing fell through, the truck we were supposed to use to pull the free trailer fell through at the last minute causing us to pay for a U-Haul, my roommate moves shit around to spite me because he won't directly communicate his frustration, oh and the school is pulling some crap with the number of deficiencies they say I have.

Party time, excellent. The good parts: Things might resolve themselves in the house in a compromise that might actually be better than the original deal. I did get into South, I just have to sweet talk some poli sci professors into excusing me from some random freshman level classes. And well, I am a college graduate with a good work ethic, maybe finding a decent job won't be impossible. Oh yeah, and! I'm much nearer to many of my kinsmen, I just had several over yesterday and we had a wonderful afternoon.

As far as that rubber band goes.. it definitely busted on Saturday. I yelled and I shook and I had taken my last share of bullshit for the week. I'll compromise at this point, but I'm done being nice. I'm much calmer this morning than I've been lately because I'm not taking one more ounce of bullshit from this situation. There will be no more excuses; anyone over 18 will be expected to act as an adult, anyone who declares him or herself to be heathen will be expected to act accordingly (i.e. as a heathen). No more hugs, no more understanding, no more sympathy. Fucking deal with it. I've got more important things with which to deal.

Let's end on a good note. It's a pretty nice day outside. I'm looking forward to the rest of today. Tomorrow I get to see an ultrasound of the soon-to-be newest member of the kindred. And I'm currently two doors down from a Starbucks. Oh yes, more caffeine.

[Ronny's comment of the same day: All your talk. Maybe I didn't do it out of spite, maybe I wanted it like that and had always planned on having it like that, and I didn't care that you were being a selfish bitch who has to have her way the minute you decide you want something. Ever think of that? And on the subject of being Heathen, the only "Heathen" I know who makes cheap personal attacks that have nothing to do with the situation when she doesn't get her way is Ingona. Until Saturday. So fuck you, and I hope you die. You're not my kin anymore, and I refuse to be around you. And that secret I wouldn't tell you? You were going to be put up for a vote to be gythia in September. It has to be unanimous, and you just lost my vote. See you in Ginnungagap, bitch.]