"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." Virginia Woolf

Saturday, August 13, 2005

And so it goes

So, the world's spun 'round again. Seems like ages since I've been down here.

I think I have an apartment scouted out. I'll try to scan a pic at work. It's 2bd/1bth, 950 sqft. Patio out back. I like it. Plenty of crash space for all of my friends that I'm sure will come and visit me. Right, like as soon as I call them back. I am such a bad long distance buddy.

School starts in a couple of weeks and I have to register. This will be a feat because! *drumroll* I have a job. A full time job that pays better than any other job I've had thus far. But it's 830 to 5, M-F, and getting to the school before business hours are over-even with an hr for lunch-will be a stretch.

I like my job. I'm swamped and I never stop moving. But I wonder how I will handle a full time job and full time grad school. I might go crazy, but I haven't been in a while-so why not? It'll be something new.

Hmm.. I went to the emergency room last week because of my ulcerative colitis. It's not a fun thing, there's lots of blood involved. But unfortunately, not enough, because my blood count was normal. They told me to go home, "the worst was over". Three more days of blood. Yeah, the worst was over...

And there's a cute guy paying attention to me. It's kind'a nuts. He's not heathen, but he's not much of anything else either. And he's smart- a history major- with some particular ideas about how history should be taught and studied. And when I mentioned the 'native american fluff bunny' story, he returned with "is she even native american?" *le sigh* But we'll see. Finding guys that like me isn't much of a problem. It's getting them to stay (and for the right reasons). Right now, I'm just happy finding somebody my age who likes to chill out at book stores with coffee. I miss my coffee buddies in Auburn.

139 lbs. 34B. Size 10 in pants. Size S or M in tops. Boo-yah.

That's about it, y'all. Optimistic. Content. Calm. Eye of the Storm. Gimme two weeks, and it'll all be crazy again.