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Friday, September 9, 2005

daily grind, making money, taking drugs

Yeah, but only the legal kind. I have a cold and I went to CVS to get some over the counter cold medicine. And the little shits who cook up meth these days have made it really inconvinient for me to get my fix. It's behind the counter, you have to show ID, you have to sign something saying you won't make illegal drugs with it. Dude, I just want my nose to stop running and being stuffy.

I got paid today--wasn't much since last week was a shorter week, but it's something. It's enough that I may go out and buy a new bookcase tomorrow-there were some on sale at Office Max.

I talked to an old friend Clayton last night. He may be getting engaged soon. He's definitely thinking about it. I'm happy for him. He's been dating this chick on and off for the last three and a half years. And even better, she reminds him of me--so she has to be a cool chick :) I've known him for nine years now. ..... Yeah. But I still better not be Aunt Jamie for a while, he's got to finish his PhD.

The future is open and I am not as trapped as I feel in this cubicle.

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