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Friday, November 18, 2005

Thoughts on heathen brochures

Just some thoughts...

-Why it doesn't suck your child is heathen
-At least he/she isn't wiccan!
-How to organize your own moot
-Kick a cat, and scream...: Why Freyja is more than a goddess of lust
-Tyr-the oft forgotten god
-What if I'm not -icelandic, germanic, anglo-saxon, etc-?
-American Heathenry: Our own world view
-The most recent history of heathenry (1970-present)
-A Woman's Place: How women fit in to this "warrior's religion"
-How to we introduce heathenry to the public
-Politics of Heathenry- why we have been devisive
-Seidhr & Spae: Our magic?
-Heathens & the Afterlife
-Holidays & Fun activities for the family
-Food, food, & more Food!: Traditional European fare for your moots & family gatherings

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