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Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the Verge of 2007: Brief Update

I'm almost 24. Go me.

My grandmother and sister have both been in the hospital in the last three weeks. Both of them are now fine.

I got some Scarpa hiking boots for x-mas/Yule and enough money to invest in a pack. I'm rollin'.

I just moved into a new apartment with three girls and will be living there until the end of May.

My new research project is the history of female attorneys in Alabama, particularly between 1907-1950, mostly because they're almost certainly dead by now and I can access their files from the ABA. As far as my thesis goes, I've got it mostly outlined and am working on the background reading. I'll be going down to the archives in Montgomery in a few Saturdays.

I'm going to Atlanta this weekend for New Years and my birthday. Dave & I will be chillin' at the Masquerade and other fine Atlantan establishments which serve adult beverages.

Wow. This year... there hasn't been any year quite like it, lemme tell ya. There's no quick way to sum up what happened, but what happened needed to happen, and I'm the better for it.

Laguz. It is what it is.

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