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Friday, October 7, 2005

personality tests (I'm a copycat)

The Shadow (INFJ) from The Self Network
External: Quiet & low-key.
Internal: Compassionate and caring. Observant, aware.
Cyphers-incongruous & disjointed. Creative thinker.
Doesn't need to be center of attention.
Work hard to achieve success for its own rewards.
Strong beliefs, independent of others. Willing to take risk for beliefs.
Independent worker. Strong personal integrity.

I am an INTJ (Mastermind?)according to HumanMetrics. Though above all, I seem to be "moderate".

Characteristics of the Mastermind:
Organizer, Strategist, Decision Maker, Pragmatist, Brainstormer.
Likes things decided and settled.
Utility and efficiency are most important.
Likes to work in background if possible.

INTJ: Definiteness, Specialized Knowledge, Pefectionist. Pragmatist ("does it work?"). Independence of mind. Combination of imagination and reliability. Do what they know-where they can find combination of intellect and incisiveness.Mask of surface conformism. Downfall: romantic entanglement. Care deeply for a few. Little patience for small talk. Like people to make sense. Strongest assets to personal relationships: intuitive abilities and willingness to "work at" them.

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