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Monday, October 24, 2005

So there's this thing called life

Right. And It's right here, right now, and I'm living it. Goddamn, if only that were true. But I'm sitting here in a personal injury law firm typing letters and trying to find ways to slack off. I'm underpaid and I would be overworked if I truly worked as hard and productively as I could. But I'm apathetic to the situation and I'm still faster than the two others. So hah. Watch me slack.

We have a temp who won't answer the phones. When Kimberly goes to get the mail, it's just me and her. And she won't answer the phones. So when Jimmy's needy-ass clients call and I can't get them off the phone without hanging up on them--and another call comes through--she won't drop anything she's doing to pick up the goddamn phone and most likely just transfer it to VM. It's not that freaking hard people. And if this causes my christmas bonus to be smaller-b/c we have to hire a temp--I'm going to be soo pissed.

It's just after 11 and I think I get to take another week of early lunch. Kim hates taking it that early, but I like to get on with it and get back.

I need a personal assistant. I want to make the temp my bitch. I could be so much more efficient if I had a runner to go get shit and file shit for me.

This place doesn't make me any nicer. Maybe I should go work with puppies. Maybe then I'd turn into a nicer person instead of more bitter.

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